Cart Fee

  • 18-Hole Cart Fee $30
  • 9-Hole Cart Fee $19
  • Minimum Recommended Caddie Fee Per Player
    • Caddie 18 - Walk

      Caddie 18 - Ride

      1 Player - $100 per bag

      1 player - $100 per bag

      2 Players - $70 per bag

      2 Players - $50 per bag

      3 Players - $70 per bag

      3 Players - $45 per bag

      4 Players - $70 per bag

      4 Players - $35 per bag

      Caddies are to be paid in cash at the conclusion of each round or via credit card in the Golf Shop.
      All Members with guests are required to take a caddie for the round of golf unless playing after 1:00 p.m.
      Caddies are optional for groups containing a Member in the off-season

  • Registering Guests
    • Members must register all guests in the Golf Shop prior to playing the golf course.
      Guests will not be permitted to play the course unless they have been registered.

  • Family Guests
    • Reduced guest fees apply.

      Regular cart and caddie fees apply.

  • Accompanied Guests
    • $140 plus Caddie

      Accompanied guests are defined as guests of a Member who are playing with the Member. Accompanied guests will be charged the posted accompanied guest rate and are only permitted to use the practice facility while the Member is on site.

  • Unaccompanied Guests

    • $325 plus Cart and Caddie

      Unaccompanied guests are defined as any guest that is not playing with a Member in their group
      and will be charged the posted sponsored guest fee.

      Unaccompanied groups are limited to two (2) per day, in season.
      Members are responsible for notifying their sponsored guests of all Club policies prior to play.

  • Rain Checks
    • When rains prevail and cause termination of play, a player will be entitled to a rain check.

      Groups completing fewer than four holes will not incur any fees but are asked to compensate the caddies for their time.

      Groups completing four holes of golf will be billed the according 9-hole fees and are asked to compensate the caddie a recommended rate of $30-$40.

      Groups completing 13 holes will be charged the full 18-hole fees.

  • Gratuity Policy & Recommendations
    • Gratuities for the valet, outside service and locker room staff are at the discretion of the Member.

      In addition, Golf Members have the option of being billed monthly. In the above instance, gratuities will be added to the employee’s paycheck. Please see the Head Golf Professional for more information.