Luxury meets its ultimate match at last, at the most extraordinary private Spa in South Florida.

The serene environment and imaginative treatments offered at the Members-Only Spa are designed to surround and soothe the senses. The result is a world where health and wellness come together, rejuvenating the body and renewing the spirit.

With ten treatment suites of world-class spa services including manicures, pedicures and hair styling, it allows us to indulge and pamper you, leaving you refreshed and reborn.

Our professional therapists are trained to enhance the Spa experience with a gracious welcome and five-star service

  • Spa Menu
    • Our spa menu is available online to view, so you may decide on your treatments prior to arrival. If you need assistance with your spa choices, or would like to schedule your appointments, please feel free to contact our helpful Spa Concierge, who will be able to guide you through, step by step. 561.691.8730.</

      Spa Treatments

      Our spa menu is available online to view, so you may decide on your treatments prior to arrival. If you need assistance with your spa choices, or would like to schedule your appointments, please feel free to contact our helpful Spa Concierge, who will be able to guide you through, step by step. 561.691.8730.

      Customized Massage Rituals

      Targeted Massage Rituals

      Trump National Signature Massage- This luxurious treatment utilizes long strokes, deep kneading, trigger point therapy and warmed stones to relax the body ease sore muscles, relieve tension, and improve circulation. 50/ 80 minutes

      Light Touch Swedish Massage- Promotes healthy function of your lymph system, improves circulation, energy flow, & relaxation of the muscles. 50/ 80 minutes

      Focus Massage- A stress-release massage concentrating on the neck, back, and shoulder area. A great introduction to massage. 25 minutes

      Golfer’s / Sports Massage- This massage is designed to enhance performance on the course by targeting golf-specific muscle groups with advanced therapeutic techniques. Concentrating on your neck, shoulders, lower back, and hamstrings, this massage can be tailored for pre-game conditioning or post-game soreness. 50/ 80 minutes

      Eastern Massage Rituals

      Thai Massage- The benefit of this unusual massage are similar to those of yoga. This invigorating session incorporates yoga stretches accomplished with no effort on your part and aided by the application of a warm, muscle-relaxing compress. Please wear loose fitting clothing or yoga attire. This is performed on a massage futon on the floor. 105 minutes

      Thai-Swe- Traditional Thai and Swedish techniques are performed using a variety of stretching movements and trigger point movements applied slowly in patterns of gentle rocking and rhythmic compressions. You emerge relaxed, centered, grounded and re-energized. 75 minutes

      Reiki- A Japanese tradition for stress and relaxation that promotes healing. The therapist channels this energy by the gentle laying on of hands, to activate the natural healing processes of one’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being. This service does not include deep pressure. 50 minutes

      Hadashi- This massage is a luxurious form of deep compression massage. The therapist utilizes his/her feet and overhead bars for support, to deliver long, soothing strokes. The treatment is guaranteed to induce deep relaxation and is perfect for clients who suffer from stress or chronic back pain. 75 minutes

      Aroma Chakra Balancing Massage- Experience a sense of well-being and higher consciousness in this massage with the use of essential oils and heated stones to restore your flow of energy, bringing stability to your soul. 80 minutes

      Specialized Massage Rituals

      Warm Stone Massage- Borrowing from Native American healing traditions, this comforting ritual can induce a state of peace and inner tranquility as it eases tired muscles. Smooth warmed stones are applied to the body with firm but gentle pressure, producing radiant heat that is felt deep down at the source of muscle soreness. 75 minutes

      Reflexology Massage- The focus is on reflex points on the hands and feet that correlate to specific organs and integral body systems. Compression to these points helps to enhance circulation and create balance from within. 25/50 minutes

      Motherhood Massage- Uses specific pre-natal techniques to increase circulation, alleviate tired muscles and reduce water retention. 50 minutes

      Couples Massage Ritual- A wonderful and relaxing experience to share with a loved one or friend. 50 or 80 minutes of pure bliss with the treatment of your choice.

      Rituals of Rejuvination

      Turning Back the Hands of Time

      Trump National Signature Facial - Allow your esthetician to customize your facial, whether you skin type is dry, normal, mature, sensitive or oily. An at-home-care regimen is also provided. 50/75 minutes

      Wrinkle Reversing Peel- We offer a cocktail of various treatments to target your specific skincare needs promoting wrinkle reduction, collagen stimulation, acne reduction and general overall skin health. Our treatments resurface dead, damaged skin cells. Powerful nourishing proteins work to determine the quality of your skin cells while helping to restore depleted, damaged cells to a more vibrant, youthful condition. Collagen is stimulated, fine lines and wrinkles are plumped and filled out giving a smoother appearance. Skin tissue becomes instantly firmer and more toned. 50/75 minutes

      ZO Skin Health Peel- Fight aging—fight hard with Dr. Zein Obagi’s revolutionary Spa Peel. Stimulates cellular turnover, knocks out fine lines and wrinkles as well as improves skin tone, texture and clarity. Private Consultation included. 50/75 minutes

      ZO Skin Health Platinum Facial- A more pampering approach to the ZO line with a luxurious and hydrating facial treatment that incorporates powerful herbal enzymes to remove dead skin cells and return to a more youthful and radiant you. 50/75 minutes

      *Please note: As with clinical grade skin treatments, facial waxing, electrolysis, use of depilatories or any other clinical grade or prescription skin product is not allowed during the course of this treatment.

      Facial Enhancements

      Micro-current Non-Surgical Face Lift- Our Ultra equipment reeducates the facial muscles to lift, tone and add firmness, enhancing tissue repair while leaving skin looking younger with a natural glow. This age defying treatment is highly recommended for anyone who is seeking a non-invasive alternative to surgery with optimum results. 50 minutes

      Light Therapy- Plump out wrinkles with our non-invasive and painless alternative to collagen injections. With the perfect partnership of healing light therapy and ultrasonic deep serum infusion, your skin will feel renewed and restored. Ultrasonic eye treatment included. This treatment is a great addition to any facial, peel or micro-current lift.

      *Please note: Enhancements can be a stand-alone treatment or added to any facial / peel. For maximum results a series of the treatment is recommended.

      Rituals For the Gentlemen

      Golfer’s Massage- This massage is designed to enhance performance on the course by targeting golf-specific muscle groups with advanced therapeutic techniques. A great selection for pre-game conditioning or post-game soreness. 50/80 minutes

      His Facial- Tailored for a man’s unique skincare needs. This treatment starts with a deep cleansing, steaming hot towels, and Vitamin C to repair, hydrate and soothe photo damaged skin taking years off your appearance. 50 /75 minutes

      Hand and Foot Grooming for the Gentlemen- Manicure 25 minutes / Pedicure 45 minutes

      Gentlemen’s Haircut- The perfect cut to complement your perfect style.

      Hair Salon Services

      - Shampoo and blow-dry
      - Shampoo, cut, and blow-dry
      - Gentleman's haircut
      - Up-do Wedding - priced upon request
      - Partial highlighting/Low lighting
      - Full highlighting/Low lighting
      - One-color process
      - Multi-color process
      - Corrective Color - priced by consultation

      Global Keratin Hair Taming Treatment - The Functional Keratin Hair Taming System is a bioactive Keratin-based treatment that straightens and softens the hair. This innovative process transforms hair to a healthy looking, smooth, and revitalized state. This treatment can be applied on any type of hair, even if it has had any kind of previous chemical treatment (color, highlights, relaxer, or bleach). Treatment price is determined by consultation.

      Waxing Services

      - Eyebrow Contour
      - Lip
      - Chin
      - Underarm
      - Half Arm
      - Bikini
      - Full/Half Leg

      Body Shaping Rituals

      Anti-Cellulite Detoxifying Body Wrap- Discover the healing benefits of coffee as you lie wrapped in the soothing embrace of this therapeutic body wrap. Green coffee extract naturally expels environmental build-up that can lead to cellulite and uneven skin texture. Utane, a powerful mix of Indian herbal powders, destroys microorganisms that trigger skin irritations. Experience renewed vitality and the beauty of smoother, firmer skin. 50 minutes

      For Our Young Ladies and Gentlemen (under 12 yrs. of age)
      Junior Facial- Designed for the young Spa-goers, this facial begins with a personal analysis, followed by deep cleansing and a relaxing face and shoulder massage. Skin feels clean and fresh with this facial created just for you. 25 minutes

      Teen Facial- This deep pore cleansing facial features an exfoliation with extended time on extractions, and decongestion of pores. 50 minutes

      *Eliminate bacteria now, as well as future breakouts, with Blue LED light enhancement. Take away the frustration of unhealthy skin and promote healing from within. With this add on treatment.

      Skin Health Package- Facial with LED.

      Junior Manicure- This twenty-minute manicure includes nail shaping, buffing and polish. 25 minutes

      Junior Pedicure- This pedicure includes a light exfoliation, nail shaping, buffing and polish. 25 minutes

      Paint and Go!- Quick polish change for little hands and feet on the go.

      Nail Services

      Express Mani/Pedi- For those with limited time. Soak, file, polish, and go!

      Signature Jupiter Manicure- Includes nail cleanse, cuticle treatment, reshaping of the nails, massage and a fresh coat of polish. 25 minutes

      Signature Jupiter Pedicure- Refresh and beautify the feet in an instant! Feet are soaked, skin is gently exfoliated, cuticles are perfected, nails clipped, refreshed, buffed, and polished. 50 minutes

      Gel Manicure- Want a manicure that lasts longer without chipping? This treatment extends the life of your manicure with a cured polish. 45 minutes.

      Transformation Manicure- Enhance the traditional results of your manicure with our natural glycolic resurfacing treatment targeting flaky dry skin, dry cuticles and aged hands. Skin will be smoother, softer, and brown spots appear lighter. Your hands are completely hydrated and nourished with ZO skin health products. 45 minutes

      Transformation Pedicure- This resurfacing pedicure eliminates rough, callused skin using our natural glycolic treatment. We target the specific concerns of your feet while pampering with our luxurious scrub, foot mask and finish with our luxurious body creams to drench the feet with moisture. 55 minutes

      Nail Add-on Services
      - Paraffin
      - French
      - Spa Mask

  • Spa Boutique
    • Our boutique offers a wide variety of classic & trendy women’s and men’s apparel and accessories. Some of our current merchandise lines include:

      • Alice & Trixie

      • Trina Turk

      • La Costa Jewelry

      • Florabella hats

      • Gucci, Tory Burch & Versace sunglasses

      • Island Company

      • Lululemon Athletica

      • Pure Fiji

      • Moroccan Oil Hair & Body Products

      • TASC Performance Wear

      • MJM Jewelry Designs


Membership at Trump National Jupiter provides a lifestyle of uncompromising personalized service, luxurious amenities and attention to detail that creates a lifetime of memories.

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